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LSSS 2016-2017


Life Sciences Seminar Series

Upcoming events

Kaspar Locher

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Protein N-glycosylation: Structural basis of transmembrane flipping and transfer of lipid-linked oligosaccharides

Niko Geldner

Department of Plant Molecular Biology (DBMV), Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

The endodermis - the green version of a polarised epithelium

Ralf Sommer

Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany

Mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity: from developmental switch genes to epigenetics

Charles Weitz

Department of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

PERIOD complexes of the mammalian circadian clock

Jonathan Jones

The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, UK

Plant intracellular immune receptors, diversity, deployment and dissection

Petra Schwille

Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Department of Cellular and Molecular Biophysics, Martinsried, Germany

How minimal could life be?

Past events

Hall A100, Sciences II

Host: Denis Duboule

James Briscoe

The Francis Crick Institute, UK

Molecular and Cellular Logic of Cell Fate Decisions in Vertebrate Development