Life Sciences Seminar Series

Past events

Titia de Lange

Rockefeller University, NY

Protection and maintenance of human telomeres

Ian Mattaj

EMBL, Heidelberg

Different Roles of Ran: Two sides of the same coin?

Dan Goodenough

Harvard Medical School, Boston

Diverse Functions of Gap Junctions

Gunnar von Heijne

Stockholm University, Stockholm

Membrane proteins - from genomes to helical hairpins

David Baulcombe

The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich

RNA silencing

Adriano Aguzzi

University Hospital, Zurich

Molecular Pathology of Prion Diseases

Alan Colman

PPL Therapeutics, Edinburgh

From cloning to stem cells: The legacy of Dolly

Daniel St. Johnston

Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge

Links between axis formation in flies and worms

Paul Schimmel

Scripps Institute, La Jolla

From the RNA world to the theatre of proteins

Richard Treisman

ICRF, London

Signalling, the cytoskeleton and the serum response element

Hugh Pelham

MRC Institute of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Membrane traffic and protein sorting: lessons from yeast

Steve Harrison

Harvard University, Cambridge

Molecular mechanisms of virus entry into cells

Mariann Bienz

MRC Institute of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Signalling by the APC tumour suppressor

Jeannie Lee

Harvard Medical School, Boston

The role of noncoding RNA genes in X-chromosome inactivation

Nick Hastie

MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh

Wilm’s Tumor: a link between cancer and development