Photo by Marco Willener on Unsplash
Life Sciences Seminar Series

Past events

Fotis Kafatos

Imperial College, London, UK

Malaria and the Mosquito: Immunogenomics of Plasmodium transmission by Anopheles

Uptal Banerjee

UC Los Angeles, USA

Control of cell cycle and fate during Drosophila eye development

Matthias Hentze

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Mechanisms to control protein synthesis

Franz-Ulrich Hartl

MPIB Martinsried, Germany

Chaperone-assisted protein folding in the cytosol

David Holden

Imperial College, London, UK

Intracellular activities of Salmonella

Jean-Paul Vincent

NIMR London, UK

Trafficking of the Wingless signal in developing epithelia

Adrian Bird

University of Edinburgh, UK

Interpreting the DNA methylation signal

Jim Barber

Imperial College, London, UK

Structure of photosystem II and its implications for understanding the water splitting reaction

Davor Solter

MPI, Freiburg, Germany

Epigenetic control of early mammalian development

Randy Schekman

UC Berkeley, USA

Transport vesicle biogenesis: mechanism and disease implications

Danesh Moazed

Harvard Medical School, USA

Targeting RNAi to the Chromosome